Thank you for your interest in our University. Nile University of Science and Technology has grown and progressed significantly since 2017, gaining a wealth of academic, research and institutional accomplishments that have served to position us as an effective partner in the Somali society and being one of the leading universities in the region.

Nile University of Science and Technology is currently offering the following faculties such as a computer science, health science and economics and management science with various bachelors and diploma programs, multiple significant research successes, an ambitious research roadmap fielding national development priorities, and a large body of talented sought-after graduates. We also boast a large portfolio of internationally-accredited colleges and programs that attest to a high level of excellence and quality.

We continue to be proud of our close relationship with the public and private sector that has established and launched a number of MOUs and collaborative agreements that benefit our students, faculties, and the institution as a whole. These agreements have themselves engendered a number of professional Chair positions that serve to build on our research objectives, invigorate students’ learning by doing, and further expand partnerships with leading organizations in Somali and beyond.

I encourage you to join us and visit our website to become better acquainted with developments at Nile University of Science and Technology, our achievements and plans, our growing facilities, and above all, our solid commitment to realizing our mission and vision. I promise you that Nile university will keep on providing for you a conducive environment for your study and help you to aspire to wards your future prosperity and excellence.

Dr. Mohamud Ibrahim Abdi
Rector of Nile University of Science and Technology