NIle University Library

Nile University of Science and Technology in Mogadishu is hereby informing the public that university established, developed and fully equipped new library with 5000 electronic books which 75% of them are practical software books IT and computer science students can apply and benefit from them. the university hired highly qualified foreign lecturers who are ready in the campus to teach and guide students each and every time. It has prepared well equipped computer lab for practicum and assimilation. Currently online programs are going on and valuable trainings are also provided. The university takes new students for 2020-2021 intake and the registration is in progress in the main campus near to Abdikasim Road.

The university provides three main faculties as follows:

a) Faculty of economic and management science

b) Faculty of Health Scince

c) Faculty of computer and Engineering

Welcome to Nile for your professional and prosperous future

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